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Ingredients Stock, Recipe

Question asked by AndreaPaulaner on Jun 23, 2011
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Ingredients Stock, Recipe


Dear All

I have a problem to understand how I could sort out my problem. I have read several posts, but no one was able to help me. So I have decided to write down my situation. 

I am working in a beverage field. I have got a stock of my raw material. And I use them to make some beverage. Several ingredient must be used to make a new drink, and the same ingredient can have the same name but a different ID because for esemple i have ordered them in different moments.

At the moment I am using a table where there are these fields: Name of recipe, Name Raw Material 1, Quantity used of Raw Material1, Raw Material 2, Quantity used of Raw Material 2, etc...

 I would like to keep updated my stock in order to know when I need them.

How The table of stock raw material should be organised and linked to make possible the updating of my stock of ingredients?

Thanks a lot Smile, I remain very truly yours