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Initial database set up question....

Question asked by cwright on Jun 23, 2009
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Initial database set up question....


Hi there,


I am setting up my first database -  it is to manage 3 kinds of people within one organization:  we are a healh related clinic that sees patients, sells a few products and does training. I would like to set up a database(s) that has the ability to contact manage people in each of these three categories, understanding that there is a lot of overlap many of the individuals fall into more than one of the three categories. The difficulty is, for 1) student 2)customer and 3)patient, the fields will be slightly different.  How do I create one large database, that enables us to manage contacts accross the board, while having fields that are unique to 'customer', 'patient' and 'student'. 


I hope this makes sense - please let me know how I might begin to set this up - 


Thanks very much.