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Initial in Spanish

Question asked by SergioChávez on Jan 22, 2013
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Initial in Spanish


     I'm new to FM and Db's in general. I'm a film producer and have the need to create a contact Db of cast and crew members who have collaborated with us through the years, as well as a location Db and a prop/art department inventory.

     Thing is I live in a spanish speaking country and I don't know how to access a FM solutions in Spanish. So I've opted to translate the contacts solution field by field. So far it has worked, save for a hitch that is the initial in the show all contacts field. I've translated the initial field and Ive been quite thorough.

     The calculation is as follows:


Upper (
not IsEmpty ( Apellido ) ;
Left ( Apellido ; 1 ) ; 
not IsEmpty ( Nombre ) ;
Left ( Nombre ; 1 ) ; 
not IsEmpty ( Empresa ) ;
Left ( Empresa ; 1 ) ; 
not IsEmpty ( Celular & Convencional ) ;
"#" ;
not IsEmpty ( Mail ) ;
"@" ; 
" -- "
     But it's not working, it's not all that important but it's an aesthethic and useful feature I want in the Db.
     Thanks for everything.
     Ps: Apellido is Last name and Nombre is First name. Convencional and celular are home and mobile respectively. Empresa is company