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Initial Window Size.

Question asked by Tacitus on Jun 26, 2010
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Initial Window Size.


Wasn't sure whether to start a new post here since this also relates to this thread


I'm new to FMP and bearing in mind that FMP has an autoresize facility, how do others decide on the size of the main database window if the dBase is to be used with both earlier versions of FMP (8 & 8.5) as well as Mac and Windows platforms each of which has a different approach to window sizing?


EG Do you design it to look optimum on (say) a 1280 x 1024 monitor and then use the resize option to cover other larger sizes on the basis that there probably aren't many smaller monitors left in use.  


My initial thoughts are to design for around a 1000 x 700 initial window (should be OK 'as with FMP8) and allow autoresize to cope with any larger monitors, but before diving in I wondered what approach experienced FMP Devs use.


Thanks for any advice.