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    Inline field in text



      Inline field in text


      I am creating templates for a client that work perfectly save that I don't know how to put an inline field into a block of text whereby when the content of the text block changes, the position of the inline field moves accordingly. The fields work without issue on the template save for that problem. Any help on this would be great. TIA

      Bob Moran

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          Put the field name inside double angular brakets within the text block. For example

          Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

          How's it going?



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            Hi Eric,

            I understand the braketts part but how do I place it into the text field itself i.e. The salutation "Dear" is part of a text field in which, I think <<First Name>>  and <<Last Name>> would go. Is that correct?  Thank you for the quick response.



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              Yes. The whole thing that I wrote would go inside one big text object. Imagine my previous post with a big text box surrounding everything. Also, you should note that a text object is different from a text field. A text field stores data that is contained in a table. A text object is just a tool for adding text to a layout. This tool can be accessed from the edit layout menu.

              If you want to more detail about the <<field>> thing that I was talking about, look up merge fields.

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                For printing and PDF's the above method works as your output is directly controlled by the layout design. If you need this for an email or other purposes where you want all the text in a field to include such inserted text, you'll need to use the substitute function to replace field place holders with the contents of the fields.

                Say you type this text into a text field:

                Dear <<FirstName>> <<LastName>>,

                Thank you for trying out our product....

                Then this expression would replace the first and last name place holders with the contents of the first and last name fields:

                Subsitute ( YourTemplatetable::YourTextfield ; ["<<FirstName>>" ; YourContactTable::FirstName ] ; ["<<LastName>>" ; YourContactTable::LastName ] )

                This can be used as the body calculation in an email or as the expression for a calculation field set to return text.

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                  i Guys,

                  Thank you so much. You folks really helped me out.