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Input form problems from a newbie

Question asked by Bauke on Apr 16, 2009
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Input form problems from a newbie


On an inputform the user can choose a date. Based on that choosen date there are several fields in the rest of the form that can be calculated.
The w_seizoen = If(Month ( w_datum ) < 8; Year ( w_datum )-1  & "/" & Right(Year ( w_datum );2) ; Year ( w_datum ) & "/" & Right(Year ( w_datum )-1;2))
and I have made it a calculated field.
The next field is w_wnr. With SQL I would: SELECT MAX(w_wnr) + 1 WHERE w_seizoen = MAX(w_seizoen)

So based on the w_seizoen (already calculated) the w_wnr should get the highist w_wnr +1

Besides that the data in the form may not be changed except through a button. What is the best way do do this? Scripts (will be my first); One New button and one Change button? How can I open this form always with a new record?

I (being new to FMP) surely could use some help here.
Hope it is clear enough.