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    Input Masks / Placeholders



      Input Masks / Placeholders


      I'm new to Filemaker, but have some MS Acess experience.

      I've looked for input masks for phone numbers and have found several functions to calculate the input into a format. But I cannot find out how to have the empty field displayed with placeholders, such as "(xxx) xxx-xxxx" and then the user inputs the phone number, with the x's being replaced. Can this be done in Filemaker? I would like to see the format, as the user inputs, and restrict them to that format. Specifically, they will input numbers only, which will replace the x's. 


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          FileMaker does not have any built in Input Mask feature.

          It is possible, with script triggers and a lot of scripting to set up an input mask, but it requires a script that is performed on every keystroke in the field to process the keystroke correctly and then update the data shown in the field to be consistent with the input mask.