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    Input problem FM 10



      Input problem FM 10



      This is not so easy to explain in English, but I try and hope some can help me.


      I have some Table with relation.

      I put in data in some field, then I vill go to an relation table 

      If I don't leave a field before I go to an relation table the data not update in the relations table, and I missing often to klick behind some field.

      Is it some how know how I fix that in a manus?




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          Hi Christer --


          Hopefully this will help.  It sounds like you need to do a Commit so that the data you entered into the portal is then written into your related table.  In FMP 10 you can run scripts when a new Layout is loaded, so you should create a script called "Commit" with one step in it:


          Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]


          Then, when in Layout mode on any layout you regularly go to after entering data into your portal, go to Layouts / Layout Setup... and click the Script Triggers tab at the top.  Check the OnLayoutLoad box and a Specify Script dialog will come up.  Select your Commit script. Click OK and then OK again to leave Layout Setup...


          Thereafter, whenever you go to this layout, the Commit script will run, writing your new data into the record.  You can apply this OnLayoutLoad script triggering to any layout. 




          - Michael