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Insert a graphic (.gif image) into a calculation field?

Question asked by on Jun 4, 2015
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Insert a graphic (.gif image) into a calculation field?


Is it possible to insert a graphic (.gif image) into a calculation field?

I have created a calculation (below) that generates an email. I would like to add a graph that is currently a .gif file in the area of the email below (see " & Mobile Search Graphic & " below).

Is this possible? Any education on how this could be done would be most helpful. I am an FM newbie!

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



"Hi " & First Name & ",

¶I hope all is well!

¶I wanted to inform you that Google has recently announced that they will be working to give users a better experience when searching on mobile devices. Google will be placing a \"mobile-friendly\" label next to compliant websites, improving their rankings and increasing their chances of being selected in a search.

¶Did you know that mobile search for local services now surpasses searches on the desktop? There were over 66 million searches on mobile phones last year and that is planning to grow to 81 million in 2015 compared to 64 million computer searches. A good portion of your potential new customers are searching for you on mobile devices and not calling because they did not have a good experience on your website.

¶" & Mobile Search Graphic & "