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insert a variable into a printout header

Question asked by DavidSteward on Jan 29, 2010
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insert a variable into a printout header


Using Filemaker Pro 10


Using OSX 10.6.2


I have a database for a local club with 400+ members.


I store membership info and which of 40+ groups people belong to.


When I search for the membership of a group I can easily get a list on names etc.. However I want to put the name of the group into the header of the printout. How can I insert the group name which is not stored in the file into the header? I could have 40+ layouts with the header names typed in but this would seem cumbersome and tedious. I want the transfer the name of the field I am searching into the printout header. I store the 40+ groups as separate fields with "yes" indicating membership.


Any help and suggestions would be most welcome.


David Steward