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Insert file and Export Field Contents with container fields

Question asked by dmorgan on Mar 11, 2015
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Insert file and Export Field Contents with container fields


Hi All,

Is there a way to set a variable for the field in Export Field Contents and insert file?

I have 1 table of file containers that are inserted from various layouts and each has to specify the it's TO and the file field it's inserting/exporting to and from. When a user wants to view a file name field, a calc field which pulls the filename from the container and launches the export script as a button action. I can get the TO name from a variable with GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "TextField";"source" ) and then another variable with GetField( 1st Variable) then build the path in a third. But I still have to Specify the field to export from. 

It's exported to the temp folder using the Path variable and displayed in the default program for the file. 

I'm not as worried about the insert but both are creating a bunch of nearly identical scrips that do the same function, with the only difference it the Table Name of the File field.