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    Insert File Button



      Insert File Button


      HI I'm new to FileMarker Pro Advanced and am in the processes of setting up a client database.

      One of the requirements is that the database must be able to upload files related to each client; therefore I have created a Insert Field button. But I can't get it to work.

      The questions I have is: Insert file, is this the correct type of button for this to append a file to the clients details ?

      This button requires a target field, which just takes me a different section of the application.


      Thanks in advance 

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          The Insert File script step allows you to insert a file into a field.


          For this script step to work, the target field, if specified, must be a container field. If not specified, the user must give focus to a container field.


          The source file is the file you wish to insert into the field. If you specify the source file, then your users will not need to select the file. If the source file is not specifies, then the user will be prompted to select a file from his/her computer.


          The "Store only as a reference" option tells FileMaker Pro to either import the file into FileMaker Pro or to simply record the file's location. There are advantages to using either option.


          If the reference is stored instead of the file itself, FileMaker Pro does not grow much in size every time you insert a file. If a user double-clicks the container field that contains a file reference, then FileMaker instructs the operating system to open the file with the best application that can view it. However, if a user moves or deletes the file from the computer, FileMaker Pro will no longer be able to display the file because it does not know where the file is. Also, if one user stores a file local to his/her computer, another user on another computer may not be able to see the file because the stored reference will be a local reference instead of a network reference.


          If the file is stored instead of the reference, FileMaker Pro will always have the file handy. Any user on any computer will be able to see the file at all time, assuming they have access to the FileMaker Pro file from a server (peer to peer or FileMaker Server). The FileMaker Pro file can grow significantly in size with every inserted file. Before the file can be opened with the best application, the file will need to be exported (with the Export Field Contents script step, for example).


          You may need to make changes to your FileMaker Pro file in your specific situation. Container fields can only contain one file at a time. If you want the ability to insert multiple files for each client, then you will need multiple container fields or a dedicated table to store the files with a relationship between clients table and the files table.