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Insert File reference based on a Specific Field

Question asked by jl_lensman on May 21, 2009
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Insert File reference based on a Specific Field


I have a database of over 2000 records for a tape library.   Each record has a field for a tape number.  I need to associate separate files for individual tape logs that are in one of three different formats (DOC, PDF, and FP7).  I can do this manually by inserting a file reference in a container but was trying to work out a script to automate things.   I been unable to find a solution by using the Tape number to parse a folder for the specific file with the number as part of it's file name.     Here is an example - FM Tape # field = 64,   reference file = Log #64 ATM.  All referenced files names are somewhat standardized to start with LOG #. The filename data that follows that is not same for all files.


Is it possible or am I stuck doing this manually for 2000 records?