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Insert foto (media-field)

Question asked by DanielElsener on May 15, 2009
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Insert foto (media-field)



FileMaker-Version: 10 Pro


Hi, I'm very new to filemaker and I'm confronted with the following challenge:


We scan photos. While scanning we also create index-values for these photos. This works just fine - the index-values are loaded into filemaker and the photos are stored locally in TIFF format. We have a media-field for the photos. In this media-field within the scan process there will be the full path including the name of the photo stored. However, as a result in this media-field the path and filename is now shown as "text"-value instead that the photo is shown.


So how can I do it now to make the photos (or a preview of the photos) shown directly in filemaker?


Since we have 40'000 records in the filemaker db I don't want to link them by you see possibilities? If not directly in filemaker maybe with a script?


Thanks for your help!