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Insert from URL causes random crashes

Question asked by IainGillies on Jun 9, 2014
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Insert from URL causes random crashes



     I'm running FMP Advanced 12.0v4 on an i5 based W7.

     I have on my local LAN a web server that displays a list of values. These values change and the web server updates as and when. There is nothing fancy on the page, quite literally just a dump of values, e.g.  1 223 65 17 255  83 165 76 211 etc.

     Using an Install on Timer script, every so often FMP will attempt to capture this information, which I can then parse to capture a specific value. I use the Insert from URL command set with the local ip address to update a field.

     This seems to work fine but at random FMP will crash during the Insert. This could be minutes or hours after the script starts. Usually the insert happens so fast that I barely see the Insert progress box but during the crash it is visibly trying to capture but I can't even Abort the process. I need to start Task Manager and force FMP to close.

     Any ideas as to where to look? During the crash the Web server it is accessing is still reachable from other machines using a browser.

     Thanks in advance.