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Insert from URL Connection Failed httpspost

Question asked by tkakavros on Jun 25, 2015
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Insert from URL Connection Failed httpspost


I am trying to access Con-Way XML web service for Rate Quoting. When using the Google Chrome Extension Postman I am able to successfully receiving a Quote via XML using a https post.

When using a Web Viewer or Insert From URL in File Maker Pro I am not successful with a httpspost. 

Below is an example of the request I am trying to make within the Webviewer or Insert from URL.

httpspost://<RateRequest><OriginZip country='us'>44483</OriginZip> <DestinationZip country='us'>33179</DestinationZip><ChargeCode>P</ChargeCode> <EffectiveDate>6/26/15</EffectiveDate> <Item> <CmdtyClass>50</CmdtyClass> <Weight unit='lbs'>411</Weight> </Item> <Item> <CmdtyClass>100</CmdtyClass> <Weight unit='lbs'>511</Weight> </Item> <Accessorial>SSC</Accessorial> <Accessorial>DNC</Accessorial><Accessorial>GUR</Accessorial></RateRequest>

If you perform the same https post request using a third party utility like Google Chrome extension Postman it is successful.  

Any help would be appreciated!