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Insert from URL FM Pro 12/FN Go 12

Question asked by oldie on Apr 12, 2012


Insert from URL FM Pro 12/FN Go 12


This time I create a biblography database and store PDF files from a website in a container field with the new script step insert from URL (like

It works fine if there is no login required. In this case only the file name of the PDF will be stored to the container filed. Local desktop storage from a PDF-Viewer and link to the field is no choice because the database should run as a stand alone database on iPad.

Has anyone an idea if the insert from URL step communicates with the web viewer where I successfull logged in, means use of session ID or cookie? Or is there another solution to grab the PDF files? My special site uses a post request for login.

If no way exists I have to use the hook with iTunes, but it's not my favorite.


Thanks for help.