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Insert image in related table

Question asked by DavidRuggles on Jun 29, 2011
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Insert image in related table


I'm an old programmer, but new to filemaker (that can make things challenging Wink)

Background: I started with the Inventory Starter Solution and the first thing I would like to do is have multiple images per inventory item.

What I've done that doesn't work: I created a Photos table and related it to the Inventory table on Inventory::K_ID_Record I then changed the Insert Picture script:

  • Freeze Window
  • Go to Layout ["Photos" (Photos)] (In my research there appears to be no other way to change databases)
  • New Record/Request
  • Go to Field [Photos::item_key] (my related field)
  • Insert from Last Visited [Select; Inventory::k_ID_Record] (this is what doesn't work, I'm trying to get the k_ID_Record from the Inventory item I was on when I clicked "Insert Picture")
  • Go to Field [Photos::photo]
  • Insert Picture [] (this works fine)
  • Go to Layout [original layout]

any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks