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    Insert images into container field automatically



      Insert images into container field automatically


      I have 4,000 record.

      And I want to insert 4,000 PDF file into container field.

      Not path, but the picture.

      Do I have to insert them one by one? Is there any other way ?


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          Are you using Mac or Windows?

          Import Records | Folder

          is an option that allows you to insert all the image files in a given folder. I believe this works for PDF files on a Mac system but not for Windows, but could be wrong (I'm a windows user). That's the simplest approach if you can get it to work.

          Otherwise, a script can be used to insert the PDF files one file at a time but in a loop so that you insert all the PDF files found in that folder. The trick is to get a list of the files found in the specified directory. This can be done with a fileMaker plug in that lists the files in a directory or with a system script performed by a Send Event script step. (And the exact system script depends on whether or not you are using Mac or Windows.)

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            Thank you very, very much

            I'm using Mac.

            I did as you told. But, "Import Records | Folder" does not work properly for PDF files on Mac, too.

            I could see a low-resolution(like thumbnail image) image.

            When I inserted the PDF file one by one, I could see full-resolution image.

            And I think Filemaker saves only the reference(paht), though I unchecked "Import only a reference" checkbox.

            when I delete the image on my desktop, Filemaker says "The file cannot be found".


            I'm a novice. and I think, I must study scripting. 

            Is there any other simpl way?