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    Insert Merge Field, Formatting Issue



      Insert Merge Field, Formatting Issue



           I have a list view, using the classic theme.  I am inserting a merge field from a related table to a subsummary part.

           I seem to have an anomoly. The text is reverting to the theme format. This doesn't happen consistently.  For example an additional summary part has a simiar merge field inserted and formatting is working fine


           Any ideas?

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               So you actually need a merge field? (If it's to keep the field from being editable, there are alternative methods you can use).

               Are you specifying a format for the merge field?

               Could the data in the merge field be formatted for some records?

               (Data in a merge field can contain text formats that superscede layout specified formatting for the field object. This can be due to pasting formatted text into the field or by selecting the text in an editable field and useing the formatting toolbar to format it.)