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    Insert multiple records at one time



      Insert multiple records at one time



      Thank you for your time and help in advance. I am trying to create a data base for a material order form. This form has 15 columns and 20 rows. The first issue I run into is the fields in each column get populated by whatever was entered last in that column. What I am trying to do is create the ability to fill out the rows with information and then create a different record in the same table for each row of data that is filled in. Not all of the rows will be filled in and I will only want to recordize the ones that are. Any thoughts or ideas on how to do this are greatly appreciated.




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          You're going to have to describe a little better what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you saying you have one layout with 300 fields in it (15x20)?

          Do you have any examples/pics/mockups?

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            Sounds like you need a portal to a related table--a standard design element in Filemaker and a standard approach for invoicing where the layout's parent record is linked to a  set of related line item records. In the related line item table, you create one new related record for each item purchased on that invoice.

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              @PhilModJunk & @Steve Martino

              So I tried the portal but it doesn't seem to be working (which is probably completely on my end. Still kinda new to FileMaker and trying to get a better idea of how it works) I have included a snapshot of what I have built at the moment. What I was to make work was creating an entry field above the portal where I enter in data and then hit the new record or new material button and it appears in the portal and creates a running list according to what is in the Yard, Date, and Job Fields. That way I can see everything that I have inputted in that one sitting.


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                What Phil suggests is the very basics of a FileMaker database.  One table for invoices, one table for products and one table for lineItems.

                It may be best to start with some instructions like:

                The Filemaker Training Series (for your version)

                FileMaker: The Missing Manual (for your version)

                Going thru both of these with the examples will help get you properly oriented so people here on the forums can help you with more specific questions.

                Just jumping in and creating a db will probably have you ending up scraping and redoing the entire thing a few, frustrating times.

                Just trying to save you some grief.

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                  Ok well I was hoping not to have to spend a ton of time sifting through the "Training" Manual but I guess there is no avoiding it. Thanks for your guy's help.