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Insert Object command in script with variable file name?

Question asked by johnp1 on Feb 5, 2011
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Insert Object command in script with variable file name?


I'm organizing and managing sound files with FM Pro 10.0 in Windows.  I have tens of thousands of audio files in .mp3 format, created with Adobe Audition and other products.   

Currently, in a text file if a file name (.mp3) is placed within {curly brackets}, the layouts can identify that as a reference to a sound file.  I have created container files in which to embed the audio files.

Manually I am able to simply drag and drop an mp3 file into a container field, which then acts like a button: double click on the container in browse, and Windows Media Player opens and plays the file.  FANTASTIC!  (more on that in a minute)

Problem One: I'd like to automate the process.  I have calculated text fields that include the name of the file and the filepath. But the script command "Insert Object" doesn't allow me to use that field as a variable in the command line.  I'd like to "insert" each sound file on as as-needed basis, via button and script, and keep the larger file archives separate, so programming the variable into the script is essential.

Is there a way to automate the "insert object" process with a variable for a file name/file path? 

I've tried several "Send  Event" scripts using a variable, but that doesn't seem to work either.

(Also: please note that currently the file folders have spaces in their names.  Is that still a problem with FM?  I can add plusses + to the string if needed.)

Now comes Problem Two (3?):  when I have several mp3s successfully loaded into containers in a layout, I can double click on anyone one of them and Media Player opens and plays the sound file.  But if I leave MP open and double click on another file, MP says it "can't find" the file in question.  It's consistent: if you close MP before moving to the next file, it plays.  If you leave MP open, it does not. 

No, I have not moved, renamed or deleted the files in question, obviously, since I can close MP and then double click and everything is fine.