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Insert one db into another. Help needed.

Question asked by MEh on Sep 29, 2011
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Insert one db into another. Help needed.


Hi everyone,


I'm currently using Bento but I am making the switch to Filemaker Pro now. I just started exploring FMP and I am trying to re-create a database I made using Bento.

it's a db of my fav soccer team. I have one db with all players and their data and I got one db with all matches of the team with results.

In Bento I included the matches db into the players db so that on every single player record I can see all matches played. If a player scored a goal in that particular match, I can put a mark next to the match he scored a goal. In Bento I used a so called "related records" field. The matches show up as a sheet and I can set which columns I want to show and hide. Because I don't need all columns from the matches db, I 've hidden the ones I don't need. Besides that I can add custom columns to the sheet (which are not fields in the matches db) so this is where I mark how many goals the particular player has scored in that particular match.

Now I've created both a players db and a match db in Filemaker but I can't seem to figure out how to make the matches show up in each player record. That's the first step. The ssecons one will be adding fields to mark if a player has scored in the particular match.


I hope I made myself clear (English is not my native language) and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

What I already tried is Insert - Portal - Show related reccords from.... Because the matches db is an unrelated table (there's no relation between the players db and the matches db), I can't select it (all unrelated tables are greyed out). Then I did a little test with a related db but then I can't find how I can get the fields of the db to show up in my records. But maybe Insert - Portal isn't the right way to accomplish what I want.

So some help is needed here. I hope someone is willing to help me out. I figured if it's possible in Bento, it should be in Filemaker Pro too.

Thanks for your help