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Insert or search a related record

Question asked by valeriorrrr on Dec 27, 2011
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Insert or search a related record


Hi, I'm a FMPRO 11 newbie and I need your help for a probably easy task:

I have some tables:

person(CODE, name, surname, ...)

terapy(ID, name, days, ...) autoincremented id

request(ID, Person, Terapy, date, ....) with Person referencing person::CODE and Terapy referencing terapy::ID

I created a layout for my requests that has autoincremented id and I added the fields for my 'person' table too. When I use the layout in 'use mode' I can enter new persons easily but I cannot search (= 'reause') an already created person since when I insert an already inserted person::CODE in the form it violetes the primary key requirements (unicity).

How can I make a single form for 'person' in which when I write a new CODE it creates a new person and when I write an existing one it just displays all the other fields?