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    Insert Picture - Not Working



      Insert Picture - Not Working


      I have opened the Inventory template to see how the 'insert picture' button works, but when I click it, nothing happens. I am running FM 10 on a Windows 7 platform. Perhaps that might have something to do with it?




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          I do not have a Windows 7 machine available to me today, but I talked to a Support Technician who does have Windows 7 and FileMaker Pro 10.  He was able to open the Inventory.fp7 template, add a record, and then clicked the "Insert Picture" button and it prompted him for a file.  The only time the button doesn't work is if there are no records in the file, since you can't add a picture without a record.


          If you are still having difficulty, please let me know, and I'll arrange to work on a Windows 7 machine tomorrow.



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