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Insert Picture script step fails with no error?

Question asked by on Aug 22, 2014
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Insert Picture script step fails with no error?


     I have a file that scans an image to the Temporary folder and then inserts the image into a container.  I then rename the image file (using a plugin) keeping it in the same place.  I move to another record and attempt to insert into another container.  Nothing happens.

     - I have the temporary folder open and can see it being created and renamed.

     - The plugin also lets you confirm the file exists and it returns no error when the path is checked.

     - I can see the file path in the script debugger and the path is correct for the first insertion and correct for the second insertion.

     - The Insert Picture script step returns no error but no file is inserted after the first insertion. The field is selected each time.

     - Works fine on OSX. Works fine for the first insertion.  I can stop the script after five failed insertions and then manually insert the file from the Temporary folder.

     Completely stumped..........