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Insert Picture using a script

Question asked by flamecoder on May 3, 2010
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Insert Picture using a script



Hello everyone,
I want to be able to insert pictures using AppleScript to automate the process. I can easily have AS insert a link to the image such as...
set field "NameOfField" to "Path:To:Image.png"
But I want the actual image put in the database and not just the reference to it. I need to create some kind of script in FileMaker to do the insert picture with the "Store as a reference only" box unchecked. I will then call the do script command from AS to run the filemaker script. I'm new to FileMaker and nothing seems to work that I'm trying here.What I have so far is a text field that contains the file path of the current image I want to insert and I place this in a variable.
Set Variable [$PathToImage; Value:TableName::FieldName]
Now I want to use what's in the variable as a file path to insert the picture.
Insert Picture ["$PathToImage"]
However this doesn't work... Can anyone help me out please!!!