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Question asked by CHFoster on Jun 20, 2010
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Insert Picture...




I'm very new to Filemaker and I'm having a goofy litlle problem. I'm inserting a bunch of pictures into my FMP 11 database. I've inserted maybe 140 from two directories. Now I'm going to the third directory. FMP "insert picture" doesn't see the .jpg files. It sees the files in the other two directories. But it doesn't see any of the .jpg files in any of the 18 other directories containing pictures. I'm running win7 64 pro. They are not read only. As near as I can tell, they're no different from the pictures in the first two directories which worked fine. It isn't the extension, I've set the filters to "all" as well. No luck. If I copy a file from the 'bad' directory into the 'good,' FMP doesn't see it. If I copy a file from the good directory to the bad, it does not work either. So what could be true that blocks FMP from seeing .jpg files? As I said, it's nothing obvious (to me) in the attributes...


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