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    insert pictures in shared database



      insert pictures in shared database



      I need some help please!

      I have a database running on FMS pro advanced and now I want that the user are able to import pictures into the database.
      These pictures will be imported as link references. But to do that the user first needs to get a windows explorer screen with the correct directory. after that the userneeds to be able to select his copied picture in that directory.

      Now I have the problem that I cannot open windows explorer in the correct directory and give the user the possibility to select his picture.

      Does anybody have any tips / trics / advice / etc?


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          Use a container field with global storage.

          Have the user upload their image file by inserting the file into this container, but without the store a reference option enabled.

          Then you export Field contents to export the file to the shared directory where you want it to be stored.

          Now insert the file from the shared directory with the store a reference option enabled, into the desired container field and record.

          This can all be scripted so that the user clicks a button, gets an open file dialog where they locate and select the file to be inserted and then the script takes it from their to put the file where it needs to be.