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    Insert Record



      Insert Record


      I used Paradox before Filemaker Pro and used to be able to insert a new record right on the part of the table I was working on.  Can that be done?


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          There's a keyboard shortcut to start a new record. (ctrl-N for windows, command N for Mac)

          In table view, you can also click the + at bottom lower left of the screen

          In a portal with the "allow creation..." option specified for it's relationship, you can just start typing data into the bottom blank row to create a new related record.

          You can also add buttons for this to your layouts.

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            I'm trying to open up vertical space between rows.  I can't believe Paradox was so handy at doing this.

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              Between rows of a portal, a list view or a table view?

              Filemaker displays unsorted records in their creation order in all three cases.

              If you need to insert a record into a specified order, you need to keep your records sorted. Then you can use a script with a button that creates the new record and assigns a value to the record's sort field that inserts it into this established order at the desired spot.

              Say you sort your records by the field SerialNumber--an auto entered serial number.

              Then this script will insert the record into the order of a list or table view layout immediately above the row where you clicked the button.

              Set Variable [$ID1 ; If ( Get ( RecordNumber ) = 1 ; 0 ; GetnthRecord ( YourTable::SerialNumber ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) ) ]
              Set Variable [$ID2 ; YourTable::SerialNumber]
              New Record/Request
              Set Field [YourTable::SerialNumber ; ($ID1 + $ID2 ) / 2 ]
              Sort [Restore ; No Dialog ] // not needed if records are already sorted by SerialNumber