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    Insert records into a portal table



      Insert records into a portal table


      I'm trying to create a physical inventorying system for my bars based on the inventory starter solution in FMP 12.  I have not created any new tables.

      We will generate a physical paper count sheet based on the inventory table to send to the bars.  They will write in the counts on the sheet and send it back to the corporate office.

      Issue:  I would like to have the physical count sheet based on a table view so the corporate employee can quickly key in the counts.

      Questions:  1) how do I insert the new records (Date, Count) from the table view into the stock transactions table so they match up with the correct item?

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          In this starter solution, inventory changes are logged in the stock transactions table. When you use a portal to Stock Transactions, FileMaker links a new Transactions record to the current Inventory record for you.

          If you set up a table view of Stock Transactions for logging inventory changes, you'll need to add a method for linking each new transaction record to the correct inventory record. Add the Stock Transactions::Item ID Match Field directly to this layout so you can apply formatting that will be used when your users input data while in table view. Set it up with a value list that lists Inventory::Item ID Match Field for the first field and Inventory::Description as the second field. When users create a new record, Format the Transactions::Item ID Match Field with a drop down list or pop up menu that uses this value list. Now users can select an item in this field and it will be linked to that inventory record.