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    Insert some kind of gallery?



      Insert some kind of gallery?


           Hi guys!

           Im creating a property database and in the information tab we'd like to be able to insert pictures. For one property we can have 2 images, for the other 20+

           Is this possible and how would I start?



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               Set up a related table for your images with one container field for each image file. Since it is a related table, you can have, 0, 2, 20 or 20,000 images all linked to a specific record in your table of properties.

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                 Thanks for the suggestion! do you mind being a little bit more descriptive? I'm fairly new to filemaker and only followed some Lynda courses.


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                   Basic assumptions:

                   You need a 1 to many relationship. Any given image should be linked to one and only one property record but a given property record can be linked to as many images as needed to document that property.

                   You have a table for properties with one record for each property and you set up the following relationship:


                   The Match Fields:

                   Properties::__pkPropertyID = Images::_fkPropertyID

                   For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                   You can then choose to enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Images in the above relationship.

                   That enables you to place a portal to Images on a  Properties layout. If you define a field of type container in Images, you can place that field in the row of the portal and you can either click in the field and use Insert Picture to insert a picture into the field or you can right click the field and select the same option from the menu that pops up.

                   This is just the most basic simple way to set this up. more sophisticated features can be used and would be built on this basic relationship.

                   Please note that in FileMaker 12, you cannot optimize a container field for interactive content when it is located inside a portal.

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                     Thanks! that did the job. Now I have the following issues:

                1.           Is it possible to create a fancybox kind a like popup picture when you click the image? or is it impossible to zoom in on the images?
                3.           If yes on question one, can the images be displayed in tiles (vertical and horizontal rows) instead of the portal way (vertical underneath eachother)
                5.           Can I add a caption to each image independently? 


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                       1) you have more than one option for this. You can set up the field as a button to open the image in your computer's default application for that image. The button would use Export Field Contents to export a copy so that it can be viewed. Or you can can set up a layout based on Images with a very large sized copy of this container field. Then you can use Button Setup to turn the container field in your portal into a button that uses Go To Related Records to open a new window and change to this other layout. If you set all four auto-resize anchors for your container field in this new layout, you'll be able to re-size the window by dragging a corner or edge and the container field will change size to match.

                       2) This can be done with multiple one row portals. The first portal specifies "initial row 1", the next "initial row 2" and so forth... But this will limit you to a maximum fixed number of images.

                       3) Just add a text field to the Images table and include that field in your portal row. (You don't have to leave the fields in typical "table view" like arrangement in your portal. You can reduce the number of portal rows and increase the height of the row and then position the caption field underneath the container field inside the portal row if you wish.)

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                         really helpfull! thanks! 

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                      Thanks this has started me on the right road i think.

                      Could it work if i add images periodically.

                      My project is a database of crew, actors, models, locations and props for the film industry.

                      So models and actors need to update pictures. (We do this in the office) they send us an email.

                      Any ideas would help

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                        Another option for #1 would be to make the button a popover button with the image container sized as large as you needed

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                          Yes, you can add or remove images when needed.