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    Insert text at intervals



      Insert text at intervals


      I'm running FM10 on Mac OS 10.5.8.


      I have a database, that I need to modify a text field, but I'm out of practice in my FileMaker scripting.


      I want to add a Line Feed every to the nearest word after 80 characters for a block of text. The Block of Text may be one sentence or paragraphs in length. A Line Feed doesn't have to be inserted, place holder text will do just as well, since the text will be exported and post processed and the place holder text can be delt with then.




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          This expression only looks for spaces to separate one "word" from another.


          Set Field [YourTable::YourTextField; Let ( [Fld=YourTable::YourTextField; Break = Position ( Fld ; " " ; 80 ; 1 )] ; Left ( Fld ; Break ) & "¶" & Right ( Fld; Length (Fld) - Break ) )


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            The expression works for the first 80, not after. In the example I am using has 245 characters.





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              That's a detail not clear in your original post.


              You can loop the script, substituting a variable for the "80" parameter in the Position function:


              Set Variable [$NextBreak; value: 0]


                Set Variable [$NextBreak; Position (YourTable::YourTextField; " " ; NextBreak$ + 80 ; 1] 

                Exit Loop if [$NextBreak = 0]

                Set Field [YourTable::YourTextField; Let ( Fld=YourTable::YourTextField; $NextBreak) ; Left ( Fld ; $NextBreak ) & "¶" & Right ( Fld; Length (Fld) - $NextBreak ) )

              End Loop


              You may have to tweak that a bit, but I think that'll do what you want.

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                Sorry for not being more clear. The text block will be of varing size, with out any user instered Paragraphs, just one long Paragraph.


                I was entering your script, but I keep getting errors on the last Set Field command, just before the Left command.


                I am now seeing just how much my FileMaker skills have atrophied! :)




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                  Never mind, I made some changes, and now it works just as I want it to!


                  Thanks again for all the great help!