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    Insert text function


      Insert text function


           I have a 'notes' field in a table. On my layout, I want the user to be able to treat this field as a button so when user clicks on it it gives the user options to edit, add or cancel. If the user 'adds', then I want the user name and date to appear automatically in the field and then a return so the line below can be typed into. 

           I have got this part working. (using insert calculated result). But if I click it again, it removes all the previous text. How can I get the script to add the new calc at the end of the existing test - preferabbly on the next line..


           Many thanks

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               You can do this with a set field step, but I strongly suggest that you set up a related notes table with one related record for each note. Separate fields can auto-enter the current name and date each time you create a new note. Adding a new note can be as simple as typing into the bottom "add" row of a portal or a button can create a new blank record at the top of the portal each time it is clicked.