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Insert two fields into an email message

Question asked by straka_sh on Aug 12, 2011
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Insert two fields into an email message


 I'd like to insert two fields into an email, run by a script...


Dear <<Scouts_Register::first_name>>,

Thank you for registering to sell our popcorn for your fundraiser.  Your Seller ID is <<Scouts_Register::ID_seller>>.  Be sure to keep track of your Seller ID because your customers will need to enter it for all online orders.

I've tried to do the calculation portion with the arrow to the right of the message box and I've gotten it to just show up the first name (but that is all that then shows up in the box)... I'm having trouble getting everything I need to show up in the box. 

I've tried looking at a couple older posts, but I'm still unsure what to do.

I have a couple screenshots to show you what is happening...