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    Insert Variable



      Insert Variable


      New to FileMaker. I'm looking for a simple script to insert a global variable into a field on a layout. When I use the script dialog options, I can't find a way to select an option that's not a field. 

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          Try the script step:

          Set Field [The FieldYouWantToSet ; $VariableYouCaptured ]

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            Duh, that was easy.  Thanks.

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                   If I have a text field and I want to send to this field several other texts. I have a button 1 with the text "Text 1", button 2 with the text "Text 2" and button 3 with the text "Text 3" until the button 20.

                   If I click on button 1 it sends to the text field "Text 1", I click the button 2, it also sends the "Text 2, getting:" Text 1 Text 2 ". And if I click on button 3, it also adds "Text 3". Getting " Text 1 Text 2 Text 3". Continuing until the button 20.


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                     I would suggest you set the text that each button adds as the button's script parameter.  Then make the script the same for each button:

                     Set Field [ YourTextField ; YourTextField & Get ( ScripParameter ) ]

                     You may want to add a space, or a comma, between the existing text and the text you are adding.

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                       Dont working....

                       Help me...

                       The button "Eu quero comer" go open other Layout and should add " Banana ", for example, above, getting...." Eu quero comer Banana ".



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                         Here is a demo file:


                         You can add some text to start the sentence, then add some more to finish it.  If you want to go to another layout first, just add 'Go To Layout' script step  into the script.

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                           That's it !!

                           Thank you so much !!

                           Show de bola !!


                           Valeu !

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                             You are the "MAN".

                             Without abuse, how make play a specify sound file, when touch a word? When to touch the word "banana", play the banana.mp3.

                             On Macbook, work, but on iPad, dont working.

                             Help me, please.



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                               It may help others to answer your question if you can tell us which version of Filemaker and Filemaker Go you are using.

                               I assume you have made it work on your MacBook by holding the 'banana.mp3' file in a Container Field, and the script plays the contents of that field.

                               It would work the same way on Windows, but I know there are some limitations to how FM Go handles sound files.  Unfortunately I have almost given up on using FM Go as so often it works 99% of the time but then a very important function isn't available (in this case, for you, being able to play the sound file).

                               So I have no experience of making this work on an iPad.  Sorry.