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    insert year



      insert year


      I would like to have just the year inserted in a receipt acknowledging the year donations were made. I tried creating a "year" field, date, auto-enter with data box checked off with 2010 in its content area. But the field is blank. What is the proper approach to this?

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          A date field requires a date (1/1/2010)

          A date field occurance can be formatted to display just the year or just the month and year.

          You could have two copies of the field on a report, for instance, one showing just the year, the other showing a standard date.

          David Anders 

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            Thank, but I still cannot figure out how to set this up. I guess I could just put a text field with 2010 in it but would like to not have to remember to manually update it each year. I have looked around in the manual and am still at a loss for finding how to specifically set this up. 

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              You should keep a normal date for the actual donation date. Then if you need a field for the year, then you can use a calculation of: Year ( DonationDate )


              If it is only for display purposes, then you can put a copy of the DonationDate field on the layout, select it, and format the date with a custom date format of the year only.  ( format menu in layout mode )