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    Inserting "Links" and Viewing Files



      Inserting "Links" and Viewing Files



      We have a unit of six people in Design and Production using Macs with FileMaker 11 installed, and share project data located on a server with about a dozen colleagues all of whom work on PCs. An essential part of our work flow is to attach - "Insert File"/with "Store only a reference to the file" checked - .pdf views of exhibition layouts and designs. These .pdf files are most often created by Mac users in Design. Through trial and error, we have discovered that the version of Adobe Acrobat used to either save or view does not matter. This is what occurs:

      When a Mac user inserts a reference link into a container field of Filemaker:
      -the Mac user can access the file located on the server via the link
      -a PC user can not
      When a PC User inserts a reference link into a container field of Filemaker:
      -the PC user can not access the file (created by a Mac user) located on the server via the link
      -the Mac user also cannot access the file
      Both PC Users and Mac Users can access and view these files if the go directly to the server, but not via Filemaker.
      When viewing a container field in which a a low resolution reference image (such as a .jpg or .tiff) has been placed:
      -The PC user can select and view the original image
      -The Mac user can not

      We appreciate any assistance to relove this issue. Thank you.

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          Define a calculation field and select "text" as the return type. Enter the name of your container field as the sole term in this field's calculation. Now place this field next to your container field and size it to be at least three lines of text tall.

          Now note the filepaths stored in the container fields and how files inserted from a Mac differ from those inserted by a PC. This difference is why computers from the other platform are unable to access file when insert file is used and why they can't see an image when insert picture is used.

          There are several alternative approaches you can try out to eliminate this issue for your users.

          One is to set up a separate calculation field. If you compute a file path in this field, but select container as it's return type, it will display an inserted image or provide access to an inserted file just like a regular container file, but now the calculation can identify whether the user is a mac or pc user and produce the appropriate file path for that user. This calculation can extract the needed info for this filepath from the existing container field so you can continue to use it for inserting new files/image, but use the calculation field to display the image or provide access to an inserted file.

          Getvalue ( containerField ; 2 ) returns the file path for inserted files and GetValue ( ContainerField ; 3 ) will do the same for inserted pictures.

          Another options is to use a web viewer to display the image instead of a container field. this web viewer can use a URL that is not platform specific to display the image and this URL can also be calculated from the filepath of the inserted image file's container field.

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            Hi, LauristonMarshall.

            Thanks for your nice sharing. Do you have any exprience about pdf extractor? I want to find some 3rd party toolkits to help me with that. It will be better if it also offers free trial package for users to check. If so, I will try it later and send you feedback. Thanks in advance.   




            Best regrads,