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    Inserting a hyperlink



      Inserting a hyperlink


      How do I insert a hyperlink to a document on my harddrive?

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          Malin H:

          Thanks for your post.

          Here are the steps to insert a hyperlink into FileMaker Pro 11.

          First set up a field as a container field. To do this go to the file menu, select 'Manage' then select 'Database' from the sub-menu.  Choose the table you want to create the field in (based on the layout you want it to display in), and create the field as a Container by selecting the field type of the same name. Once created as anything other than a container type, change the field type to container and press the 'Change' button. Select OK to go back to your database. This should now display the new field at the bottom of your layout that is drawing data from that table. If not you can enter layout mode and add the field or you can also use it to move the field where you'd like it on the layout.

          Once you have a container field to hold the link, select the field in form view and either right click (Windows), control-click (Mac) or navigate to the Insert menu. Either will bring up a menu with several option, in which you would select 'Insert File...'. This will bring up the same dialog as if you were opening a file on your system, but there will be a check box at the bottom labeled 'Store only a reference to the file'. Selecting this will store a link to that file in the current location, but if the file is ever moved from that location on your hard drive then you will need to perform this process over again as the link would then be broken. The file link would also be broken if the database is moved to or used on a different system that does not have the same file in the same file location (file path).


          Note, there are special steps to be taken in addition to this should you want to share that file via Web Publishing or across the network to remote users via FileMaker Network Sharing.


          If you need further assistance or clarification feel free to ask.

          FileMaker Inc.

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                 Thank you, i looked everywhere for the answer and glad I found it. Once I found it, it was very simple and easy!