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Inserting a picture

Question asked by BobWerner on Aug 9, 2010


Inserting a picture


I have a database program based on FM4.0 which was modified to use FM Pro 5.0. Since this modification I have had no trouble inserting pictures into the data base.  However, after I went to a particular website and acquired a picture, the window that loads to allow the insertion now takes an inordinate amount of time to load on the screen.  And when it finally does, the "image" folder from this particular website is in the dialog box ("look in") with over 7000 image JPEG files. Once here, I scroll up to "desktop" and insertion of the image then can take place easily. If I am not onlone, this "image" folder doesn't appear in the "look in" dialog box. I believe all these 7000 files are the problem, but I cannot seem to remove the files.  I get a message that says they are not on the hard drive. Now I went to the folder where they are and tried to delete them but could not.  I sent the folder to the recycling bin from where it was initially, in a Web Client Network category.  Still this did not help. I have run two comprehensive malware and virus programs, and the computer is clean. Any suggestions? I would post a picture of the insert picture dialogue box but I don't understand how to do this.