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Inserting an ID from a Parent to A Child

Question asked by PhilEvans on Jul 20, 2015
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Inserting an ID from a Parent to A Child



Hope someone can help me with this. Going nuts trying to figure it out.

I have two related tables:

Organisations (Parent)

Users (Child)

I have created a data input form for adding user data.

For each user, I need to assign an Organisation.

I have added a foreign key to my Users table - _OrganisationIDfk which is related to the primary key in Organisations __OrganisationIDpk

I am trying to add a drop down field in my Users data input form that will assign an Organisation ID to _OrganisationIDfk in my Users table. I have defined a Value List for the drop down list that pulls the Organisations names to be able to choose from. All this seems to do is pass whatever text is in the dropdown to the _OrganisationIDfk and not the ID.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.