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Inserting and viewing Pdf in container

Question asked by aspectmedia on Jan 3, 2015
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Inserting and viewing Pdf in container


I'm having trouble with the following script. It attempts to save the record being viewed as a PDF (temp path) and then insert it into a container field where it can be viewed (not just stored).

   Set Variable [$pdfPath; Value;Get(TemporaryPath) & file::field & ".pdf"]

   Save Record as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$pdfPath";Current record]

   Go to field [file::zTest]

   Insert Picture ["$pdfPath]

I get an error at the "Insert Picture" step that says FMP cannot find the file. I have inserted a "view" option at the Save Record step and yes, it does open in Preview (on a Mac), so I know it was created. But FMP does not seem to be able to find it once I enter the container field (zTest).

ANY help appreciated.