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Inserting data into a preexisting filemaker database.

Question asked by MakerofFiles on May 16, 2011
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Inserting data into a preexisting filemaker database.


So each week I receive a file (i'm not sure what the extension is) that is able to be open in filemaker. When it opens, it has two fields. one for name and one for another set of information. 

Each week after I open the file, I have to create additional field with a drop down menu answering yes or no for each name in the database.

I then create a script that performs an action based on the name and rather or not the drop down menu has a yes or no answer. I know how to do all of these things just fine.

So here is my question: Instead of opening the weekly received file in filemaker and then creating the script, Can I just create a blank filemaker program with the script and extra "yes or no" field already in it. Then insert the weekly info with the data from the two extra fields into it?

Does this make sense? I think it essentially comes down to inserting data into an existing filemaker data base. Copying and pasting is obviously an option. But is there a way to just open the database with the script, and then populate the name fields with the info from the file