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Inserting field data into a calculated field with repetitions

Question asked by zinny on Jun 12, 2012
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Inserting field data into a calculated field with repetitions


I am attempting to create a calculation field with 3 repetitions that calculates its contents based on the content of 3 other normal fields in a record.

Because repetitions are legacy I can’t find information on how to do this, just advice not to even go near repetitions.

I know that repetition fields are considered legacy and dangerous but repetition field is copying field data stored elsewhere, so the data is safe. And no, a related record is not a better option because what I am trying to do is create a relationship anchor with the calculation field to then use in a relationship.

I have a table of “personnel” who are either a pilot, crew member or manager (their roles). I have a table of “Jobs” which detail individual helicopter flights. Each flight has a child key field for a “Pilot”, “Crew”, or “Manager” with a pop up list that selects from the personnel table based on their role (linked to different global fields in the jobs table).

In the personnel form I have all the usual stuff, phone numbers etc. but I also want to put a portal through to the Job table listing all the Jobs that each person goes on. If I use a traditional relationship then I have to have three separate portals but if I create a repeating field that includes all the child keys from the three different fields then it will display the 1 job in each of those personnel’s portals (I have checked this and it works a treat)

I can use set field script steps to do this process but I want to do it as a calculated field. Please, how do you do this?