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Inserting file reference and save file

Question asked by KentaFujiwara on Sep 27, 2012
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Inserting file reference and save file


     I am making a function to my FileMaker application. This function requres to open a file from users` USB Flash Drives and save the file to the database. I have created folders based on Category > Sub-Category.

     Here are the steps:

     1. FileMaker links a file and display on a FileObject viewer (Done!)

     2. I need to setup two fields which show the file extension and the size of file automatically.

     3. I need a button which saves the file into a new location. 
               For example:   FileMakers will save the file based on filemac:/Category/SubCategory                     
                                          The file name will be the 'title', one of the field in the record

     I need help for step two and three. It will be very thanksful if anyone can solve my problem.