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Inserting Files using FMpro 13 and windows 8.1

Question asked by TimothyNees on Nov 28, 2014
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Inserting Files using FMpro 13 and windows 8.1


Hi all

I'm trying to simplify adding a photo to a container field using a windows PC and an IPhone.  The task is to get users to take a photo with there IPhone and add the photo to the database on there windows PC.  My  only choices appear to be to use Insert Picture or Insert File. 

The photo is taken and automatically stored onto OneDrive or other service, the problem as usual is with users.  They can't always remember how to find the photo using the navigation panel that pops up after hitting my add photo button.  i.e.  I need the user to be brought to network/user/picture/camera roll/   from there they can choose the photo they took earlier in the process.

since I don't know what the name of the next photo taken will be I am trying to find a way to make the panel select the appropriate file path without choosing a file name.  Any help would be appreciated.