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    Inserting Images



      Inserting Images


      I'm brand new to the program, and creating a new database. I copied the layout from an existing database from the gallery I work at, but now it will not allow me to insert pictures into the picture box (when I try it reads that the script cannot be found). I have created a "relationship" between two tables, one of which contains the images, but still no images are showing up. Is that right what I did? Do I need to create a script, and how do I do this?


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          What did you do just before you got that message?

          Did you copy both the related container field (::image) and the button just above it?

          Copying a button from one file to another does not also copy the script it performed.

          (The simplest way to add a picture to a container field is to click/tab into it and select Insert Picture from the Insert Menu. Developers often add a button for this purpose so that they can use a script to get the images all inserted with the same options specified for more consistent management of the inserted images.)

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            Yes I did copy from another file. I followed the way you explained, however, I have about 200 files with images I need to insert into them, and it has duplicated the image I have inserted into every entry. Any suggestions?

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              If you go to the layout for Matt Brower Images, how many records now exist in that table? 1? 200? or some other number?