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Inserting images into related table

Question asked by user17887 on Aug 7, 2012
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Inserting images into related table


I am creating an application that will store details and images of our fashion prints.  I have created a table to store all the detail about the print and another to store the images of the prints.  The images are located in a separate table because there could be multiple versions of the print. 

I am using FMProAdvanced12.  My first layout is an interface to add prints to the database.  I want the layout to have a button that will run a script inserting a picture in to a field in the related images table.  I do not want to display it on the current layout.   The script currently reads:

Enter Browse mode
Go to Field[Imagetable::Imagecontainer]
Allow User Abort [Off]
Insert Picture[]
Commit Records/Requests [No dialog]

This does nothing when I click on it.  It only works when I switch to a layout that contains the related field from the images table.  I know I am missing a simple step because if I manually step through the script I can't insert picture into another table from this layout.  I am very new to scripting.  Any help would be appreciated.