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    Inserting information from Filemaker to another application.



      Inserting information from Filemaker to another application.


      I downloaded a google maps stand alone program (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/10971962) (it is not made by Google) and would like to intergrate it into my filemaker database.  I know how to write an applescript to open the application, but do not know how I would send the address fields from filemaker to the search function of GoogleMaps.  


      Now I know I can go to the website from filemaker and I actually have that working fine.  I also know that if I had a server I could do the API and have the whole map on my filemaker screen itself.  However, I cannot do the API and I for purely superficial reasons, I would rather go through this desktop application rather than through the web.  Is this possible?



      I haven't used this GoogleMaps program much and I am NOT endorsing it.  I didn't make it, and have little experience with it.  I only like the idea of it within my database.  I only published the download site incase needed to help with my answer.