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Inserting large amount of text in to check box or drop down menu.

Question asked by danton31 on Jul 17, 2012
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Inserting large amount of text in to check box or drop down menu.


Hi, I am new to this database programming stuff and I apologize if this is a simple fix.

I have done a lot of searching for this issue, but have not see any answers.

My question is in two parts, I have the following text that I want to have in a dropdown menu or checkbox menu. When I insert the text in to the manage value list (text box) each line is separate. But I want to be able to choose the whole clause as one. 

ABC Vol 1 Signs on doors

(a)  A sign, to alert persons that the operation of certain doors must not be impaired must be installed where it can readily be seen on, or adjacent to, a –


(B) required  doors,

On the side of the door that faces a person seeking egress and, if the door is fitted with a device for holding it in the open position, on either the wall adjacent to the doorway or both sides of the door

(b)  A sign referred to in (a) must be in capital letters not less than 20mm high in a color contrasting with the background and state - 


The second issue is that when i insert the above text to the field I can only see part of the text (it is cut off on the right side).

I have completed a database and it is ready to be used, but the above issue is really bugging me, as it looks bad and people cannot see what they are choosing.

Can any one help me please?